Hello fellow readers/authors/sims players! Welcome to my Sims 3 Shorties, the site holding all my sims 3 based short stories. 🙂 These will be little side stories that are one or two posts long. Check out my legacy stories hereHere’s my mod list

Scroll over the words at the top to bring up the drop-down menus of stories. Click one of the links to read a story. To come back here, click “Sims 3 Shorties” up at the top. This is updated monthly (thank you, short story challenge!) with a few updates in the middle.

Green = link
Purple = warning
Dark grey = important note

Here’s a list of all the stories I’ve done for easy access, in order of upload date. Blue titles are story challenges. Red titles are side stories. 🙂
Song Of Life | Starting Over | Till Death Do Us PartTill The End 

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